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about us

What We Do:

Harmonize cultivates just, joyful, and regenerative collaborations. We coach, train, facilitate, and educate teams in order to create systems that are aligned with deep human values, enable emergent strategy and innovation, and invite equitable participation.  Our work centers around themes of power, decision-making, relationships, and healing.

Why We Do It:

Now, more than ever, we need to learn how to work together to solve problems. As legacy institutions reveal their shortcomings, we need to learn how to govern ourselves.

Our traditional “predict, control and  measure” management systems are often unable to address the complexities and interconnectedness of the wicked problems our age is calling us to address.  Our attempts to to create an equitable, sustainable, and thriving world often recreate the very problems of inequity, domination, fear and scarcity we are trying to solve.  Our fixation on a better future often causes us to lose track of gratitude, wonder, and connection in the present.

In order to create the society we long for, we need to stop living inside the patterns that create the world we are trying to transform.  We don’t just need to change what we do, we need to change how we do it.

What We Imagine:

We envision a world where the process of working together toward a shared purpose is liberating; where our organizations are designed to address systemic issues; and where we all stitch together the reality of our dreams with our actions and relationships.









Collaboration Consulting

Customized support to address specific or interconnected issues in any realm of your organization. This can range from leadership coaching, to training boards of directors, to creating entirely new management structures.

Legal Support

Innovative organizations often face unique legal issues. Get help with things like bylaws, employee handbooks, and using restorative justice without incurring liability.

Conflict Transformation

Find the opportunities for growth, healing, and learning in any conflict your group may be facing from one-to-one friction, to simmering tension, to acute team ruptures.




Culture Cultivation

One-day or extended processes to understand, discuss, and shift the cultural norms that are operating in your organization.  By fostering belonging and communication we can work with dynamics such as employee satisfaction, implicit bias, and oppression.

Strategic Planning

Develop strategies in a way that incorporates the voices of your community, increases buy-in, and brings you closer to the world you really want to see.


Make the most of your time together by purposefully designing and facilitating spaces.  Get support with everyday meetings, specific moments, or group retreats.


And More...

We support people by providing leadership coaching, unpacking founder’s syndrome, healing identity-based distortions, and offering customized workshops.  If you’re feeling called to ask for something we haven’t listed, just drop us an email.